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This family-owned restaurant all started when a young boy from Sicily had his own dream.  Like any other kid from the old days, to him, America was the land of dreams.  With little money in his pocket and family back home, Vincenzo Mazzamuto (Vinny) headed to America looking for work.  After many ups and downs he stumbled into Carlisle.  With his brother-in-law already in business at what used to be the MJ Mall, Vinny started working hard at providing for his family.  Vinny’s brother-in-law then opened a placed called Genova’s Pizza on E. North Street.  After Vinny thoroughly learned the trade, he tried opening a shop of his own in Meadville, PA.  There, his third son, Frankie, was born in 1982.  At that time, business was not moving very well, so he moved back to Carlisle to work at Genova’s.  

In 1984, Vinny’s brother-in-law decided to move back to Sicily, which led to selling the restaurant to Vinny.  Working hard at the pizza shop, he put all of his time and effort into providing great food and service to the Carlisle area.  Soon, a following of loyal customers emerged.  If not for the customers, we would never have been capable of accomplishing what was to come.

A property was for sale at 330 S. Hanover Street in 1988.  Many different businesses tried but failed to flourish at this particular location.  Vinny’s faith inspired him to take a chance and purchase the property despite the location’s bad reputation.  With time and patience, the dream of a young man from Sicily was built.  That same year, Vinny’s fourth son, Luigi, was born.  We like to think of Luigi as our good luck charm.

After his many years of service to Carlisle, Vinny stepped down, but hasn’t gone very far.  Today, you will find Frankie and Luigi running the restaurant and providing the same quality food and service our loyal customers have come to expect and appreciate.  As a tribute to their father, their first joint business decision was to change the name of the restaurant from Genova’s Pizza to Vinny’s Pizza.

Don’t just sit there reading this, come in and check us out!  We look forward to serving you!